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Green Belt Way

Entry Details & Rules

The next event will be held on 14-15 May 2022.
Entry fee is £297 per team of 11, with a discount of £22 if you apply prior to 31st December. However, priority is being given to teams who entered the 2020 race and we are unlikely to have spare places for other teams – please get in touch.

There will be a meeting of the organising committee an all team captains a few weeks before the event - the race director will be in regular contact on this.
There will be a maximum of 60 teams allowed to run.
Team categories are for men, ladies, mixed, and veterans.
Just complete the (follow link to download) and return to the address on the form with a cheque (PAYABLE to The STRAGGLERS).

Entry Form

All competitors will be given a race t-shirt. With stage winners given stage winners t-shirts (male and female)


The relay encourages good sportsmanship amongst teams. This means good fair competition at the same time looking after and supporting others, giving them water and ensuring everyone’s safety. We want the relay to be an enjoyable and friendly event.

The rules are as follows:

Team makeup and declarations:

1. You should complete the course with 11 runners, each running a leg each day (exceptions are listed below).

2. Teams must register giving a list of runners and their allotted numbers before the start of the relay, and the team captain is responsible for making sure that our results service has the correct name for each number. You can declare up to 20 runners to numbers, and you can assign these to any stage you like, and make changes to these at any time before or even during the race, provided you adhere to the basic principle that you have 11 runners, and each runs a stage on each day.

3. If a runner is unable to run a leg, another member of the team may run the leg with no penalty. However, if this happens on Day 1, and the substituted runner does not run on day 1 and runs on day 2, then this runner will not qualify for stage prizes or records and must declare this to the timekeeper at the finish. The team will not be penalised and will still qualify for team prizes and team records.


4. Prizes

Individual stage winner prizes will be given to the first man and first woman in each stage, provided the winner of a Sunday stage also ran on Saturday

We also have prizes for the outstanding individual performance, for men and women.

You need to have completed the full course with a full team to qualify for any team prize

A "mixed" team qualifying for the mixed prize must have at least two women in the team

The Veteran category is V40s for men and V35s for women

The King and Queen of the Mountains prizes are awarded to the teams with the quickest cumulative times on stages 4, 5, 16, and 18.


5. On each leg, all runners will start together - each leg starting at a fixed time, based on the time the winner of the previous leg is likely to finish. The fixed start time for each leg will be given in advance and all runners in a leg have to be on the start line at least 15 minutes before this for a safety briefing.

6. There will be a cut-off time for each leg. If a runner has not finished a leg by the cut-off, their time will be recorded as cut-off, and provided they then complete the stage, the team still qualifies for prizes. To qualify for team prizes and team records, a team must complete all legs (one runner per leg). If a runner does complete a leg after cut-off, the team should inform the RESULTS SERVICE (a.s.a.p) of the time taken so it can be recorded in the results (the onus is on the team to provide this information).

7. A team's total time is cumulative time of their runners over the 22 legs. Any team that is disqualified for prizes and team records through the rules will still have their times recorded in the results.


8. Teams may accompany their runners on bike or foot. However, in the spirit of the relay, this should not be done so that a runner is given an advantage, and some parts of the course are not accessible by bike.

9. If a runner goes off route, they should return to the same place they left the route - by car, bike on foot, etc. - and can continue to complete the leg.

10. A runner obliged to stop to assist another runner in difficulty can ask for a reasonable time credit to be applied to compensate for the lost time.


11. All teams must abide by the Law and the Highway Code.  Runners must also pay attention to marshalling instructions, and must follow the route instructions especially for road crossings.

12. Runners judged to have endangered themselves, marshals or others unnecessarily by ignoring a marshal or a map instruction may be penalised.

13. Teams should look after their runners and ensure they are dropped off at the start of, supported during (i.e. water, directions, etc.) and picked up at the end of each leg. Teams are advised to have First Aiders and First Aid Kit at hand. (It is the responsibility of each team to make sure their runner is looked after, and does not get lost).

14. The organisers accept no liability for injury, loss or damage to any person or property.

In accepting entry to the Relay, teams automatically agree to abide by the rules.

Clarification of any of these rules can be done through the race director.