London Green Belt Way  


Photos of Stage 2

Staines-Upon-Thames  to  Windsor & Eton Riverside Station  (10.55 miles)


The stage starts at Staines-upon-Thames Pier. We follows the Thames Path over Staines Bridge, divert through The Hythe, then rejoin the Thames Path under Staines Bridge and follow to Runnymede. We then diverts past the memorials, through Englefield Green, Windsor Great Park and Windsor Town to finish at Windsor & Eton Riverside Train Station. The route is generally flat, but there are two big climbs up past the memorials at Runnymede and another up to the Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park. With some of the photos below you can click on them to view a larger image.


Staines Bridge


The Lino Memorial in Staines High Street.



The replica of the London Stone on the north bank of the River Thames at Lammas Park. It has since been moved to near Staines Pier.



The Swan Hotel, across the Thames from the Start.


Around Runnymede Pleasure Grounds.


The ancient Ankerwyke Yew, just across the Thames at Runnymede - click to read.



The Airforces Memorial, Runnymede.


View from the Airforces Memorial. Just visible in the right hand top is an aeroplane on its final approach to Heathrow.


Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede.


A Luytens' Pillar (click for larger) & the path across the meadow to the memorials, Runnymede.



Gate to the Steps of Individuality.


John F Kennedy Memorial, Runnymede - click on both for larger images.



Into Windsor Great Park at Bishopsgate.


Cyclists in Windsor Great Park and the "Cycle Network" sign - click for larger image.



A busy Long Walk in winter and Windsor Castle from the Long Walk.



The blue post box and a couple of relatives.


Wren's Windsor Town Hall and the non-load bearing central columns.



Victoria Memorial on Castle Hill.


Queen Charlotte Street & the Crooked House.



Warrant to execute Charles I & a list of some other local residents - click for larger images.



HG Wells plaque at Glorious Britain shop & Ancient Carriage Tie on kerb.



Curfew Tower & the Windsor Martyrs plaque.


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