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Our route around London's green necklace takes us through a lot of beautiful villages, some great countryside, along the footpaths of many rivers and canals and past a lot of interesting and historic sites. See the links above for photos of specific stages. The ones below are designed to give you a flavour of what it's like to do the race.

The Green Belt Way link above takes you to detailed descriptions and photos of everything we pass of any historic or cultural significance.

See here for pictures from past races:

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See here for a view of some of the people who make the race happen: 2019 Helpers

See here for videos of past races: 2019, 2018

The photos below give you a brief flavour of what the race is like (from 2012):

1 - 2010-05 green belt relay 1

The pre-race briefing at Hampton Court just before the start

2010-05 green belt relay 4

The Golden Joggers walking amongst us in their slightly unsettling 2011 guise


Starting the race (this one was in 2005)

2010 gbr4

Waiting at a changeover between stages

2010 gbr13
A stage about to set off

2010 gbr21

Checking the latest results and keeping hydrated

2010 gbr23

Jim and Merran Sell, part of the timekeeping team

gbr09 25

Continuing to keep hydrated between stages

2010 gbr24

The start of Sunday's racing in Blackmore, Essex - not always a popular draw, starting at 8am often after a bit too much hydration on Saturday night

gbr09 14

One of the timekeeper's cars, Stage 16

gbr09 21

Stage 16, one of the tougher ones, but look at that scenery

gbr09 22

Keith Haworth, Stragglers club captain, doing some timekeeping

2010-05 green belt relay 12

At last!

finish - 2011 gbr11

Simon Webb of Stragglers (guided by Nick Brown), with more suspicious running wear from Golden Joggers

2010 gbr37

Race directors Lynda and Sean with a well-deserved present during the prizegiving