Photos - 2002

2002 photos from Steve Rowland, Neil Sloss, Jim Desmond, Tony Hopkins, Serpentine Runners and Ray Cockle 


Photos by Steve Rowland

Mike Bangham leads the first leg out of Hampton Court


Martin Wood and Chris Owen on Stage 1


65-year-old Pat Hewlett on Stage 1


Mark Critchlow (483) leads the way on Stage 3.


Crossing a field to Bedmond on Stage 6.


The Alban Way on Stage 7.


Hugh Jones having fun on Stage 7.


Passing Mountnessing Windmill on Stage 11.



Roy Reader and Darryl McDonald on Stage 11


The start of Stage 13.


Martin Woods in a hurry for a beer, at Farningham, on Stage 13


Mike Bruce, Bob Harrison and John Barnard on Stage 16.


Mark Critchlow leads the way along the Wey on Stage 19.


Along the Wey, from Black Boy Bridge, Stage 19.



Photos by Neil Sloss, Jim Desmond and Tony Hopkins.


Sandra Blenkinsop passes Hughenden Church on leg 4.


Neil Dadlani look happy at the start of leg 10, but what's got Sonia Rowland's attention.


Brian Wiles follows Ian Hodge for a pint at Farningham on leg 13.


Emma Hallay chases Clare Wyngard through Farningham on leg 13.


Emmie Gribble looks content, under Eynsford Viaduct on leg 13.


The second phase leaves Tatsfield on leg 15. If the knew what lay ahead they wouldn't look so happy


Jim Desmond turns left to the viewpoint on Gravilley Hill on leg 15. Hope he took in the view - it's worth it after the climb up, past Pilgrim Fort Camp.


Andy Collins on the climb up to Ranemore Common on leg 17.


Pippa Major, near the top of the climb to Ranemore Common - but the toughest bit is just around the corner.



All Photos by Serpentine Running Club.


Checking the route before the start at Hampton Court Palace.


Serpentine team picture - which one in the running vest runs the first leg.


Mike Bangham, sprints to keep the field behind this year.


Richard Smith and Derek Summers pass Peacock's House at Halliford-on-Thames on leg 1.


David Lipscombe with unusual support on leg 1.


Vincent Schuller approaches Chertsey Bridge on Leg 1.


Raul Kharband crosses the Thames at Bourne End on leg 3.


The start of leg 5 from Great Kingshill - a tough 14 miles lie in front of them. It is a very beautiful 14 miles - hope they enjoy the scenery.


Hilary Walker on the South Bucks Way at Amersham Cricket Club. Do you get the impression she's enjoying herself.


Lindsay Maclaren on leg 5. What a run, only seconds behind the overall winner of the leg. It won her best female performance of the weekend.


Simon Maughan exits the Shardeloes Estate on leg 5.


The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, almost two miles across, and an architectural classic, sits in the background on leg 13.


Ian Hodge approaches the finish at Lullingston on leg 13.


A close battle to the finish on leg 13.


The start of leg 17 from Boxhill.


Wendy Roberts on Hackhurst Downs on leg 17.


Angela Rau approaches Hampton Court on leg 20.


Ros Young gets support at Hampton Court on leg 20.


Ros sprints to the finish, did she enjoy it?


What do you think?


A pretty girl in yellow, an appreciative gallery, a back in white and what looks to be an embrace. Could be the Ryder Cup or the Claret Jug.


Nick Slade, of Serpentine, holds the Claret Jug. Prize for best supportive club.


Do you think they enjoyed themselves?


and them?









Photos by Ray Cockle

Mike Bangham leads the runners on leg 1.


Sorting things out before the start.

Julia Storey looks happy on leg 1. Brian Wiles feeds Richard Prescott in the background.


Alastair Sinclair and Mark Thomas on leg 1.


Steve Rowland does a dance to the start of leg 3 at Boveney.


Darryl McDonald wins leg 5, chased by Lindsay MacLaren in the background



Richard Pitt finishes third and Mark Daly ninth on leg 5, at Chipperfield.



The Start of leg 6.


Start of leg 11 from Blackmore.


Four happy looking Serpies



Hugh Jones looks worried at the start of leg 14, at Lullingstone.


Andrew Bickerstaff leads John Barnard onto Reigate Hill Golf Course, at the start of leg 16.


Nigel Clemens chases Sue Healey.



Ray Cockle approaching Pyrford Lock on leg 18. How did he ever take this photo?



Jill Burrells approaches the finish of leg 20, on the Thames at Ham.


Patricia Hewlett is escorted to the end of leg 20.


Ranelagh Greyhounds, Overall Winners.


South London Harries Ladies Team


The Millennium Group - First Vets Team


Ranelagh Blood Hounds - Winners of the Coveted Toilet Seat.


Nick Slade of Serpentine, holds the Claret Jug - Most Supportive Club