Photos - 2000



Images of GBR

We're always interested in seeing pictures of the GBR, so if you've got any that you are happy to have published on the website then please send the to us.

                           The Organisers

                             Sean.JPG (21184 bytes)      LyndaH.jpg (15734 bytes)

                   Sean & Lynda - the people that make the race happen


Prize Winners from GBR2000

Action shots from GBR2000


GBR Prize-Giving

Here's shots of the some of the prize winners from GBR2000

ThePrizes2000.jpg (14498 bytes)    

The Trophies  

RanelaghLadies2000.jpg (13209 bytes)

Ranelagh -Ladies Team Winners 2000

EpsomEwell2000.jpg (18410 bytes)

Epsom & Ewell - Last Team "Winners" 2000

RanelaghVets2000.jpg (16177 bytes)

Ranelagh - Mens Vets Winners 2000


Sunday-Night Shandies

Here's most of the Sunday Night Shandies who made their debut in GBR2000. They were a 'pub' team and they didn't actually win a prize - but they certainly livened up proceedings. They managed to finish 3rd overall and won a quarter of the men's stages. In 2003 they returned and took the overall team prize.

                Shandies-Team Photo.jpg (74605 bytes)  

Sunday Night Shandies - Post-Race Photo
left to right:     Back Row:  Paul McTigue, Jonathon Powell, Ian Dent, Jim Desmond
                        Front Row: Declan Flynn, Martin Bryson, Martin Wood, John MacFarlane
                        Absent: Mike Peters and Kevin Tilley


Here's some of the action from GBR2000.

Some photos taken by Martin Wood. If anyone else has images of the race then we'd be pleased to receive them.     

JimRunningGreenbelt1.jpg (39002 bytes)

Start of leg 15


aStartOfLeg10.jpg (35582 bytes)

Start of Leg 10


Don Anderson.jpg (37959 bytes)  Brian-Wiles.jpg (29095 bytes)   MetroLady.jpg (15236 bytes)

The great Don Anderson on route to      Supervet Brian Wiles - didn't get       Anne Leigh of Metro's
leg 2 victory - his 4th GBR leg win.      a win in 2000 but put in 2 strong runs     finishes leg 20.


 Declan Flynn.jpg (71607 bytes)                         Paul McTigue.gif (242404 bytes)

   Declan Flynn -  Winner of Stage 16                       Paul McTigue - Won Stage 7                                                                                    (new record) & stage 14


Ranleagh.jpg (64721 bytes)      Don-Esslemont.jpg (48072 bytes) Mike-Peters.jpg (26418 bytes)

Who said it didn't hurt       Don Esselmont of Epsom     Mike Peters of the Shandies 
      when you win?                  and Ewell Harriers         wining leg 9 by 2 minutes.


Previous GBR's

seanleg41996.jpg (19122 bytes)  26.2in1999.JPG (27986 bytes) SimonBrazilLeg16in1996.JPG (25479 bytes)

From left to right - Sean Davis setting the record for Leg 4 in 1996 (which still stands today), Derek Summers of 26.2 in 1999 and Simon Brazil of Stragglers on Leg 17 in 1996

           Lynda.JPG (16186 bytes)                                         IanJohnsonRobinKindersleyLeg51996.jpg (20574 bytes)

               Lynda Howe                                       Ian Johnson (Stragglers) and Robin             Chairmum Stragglers                               Kindersley (Serpentine), Leg 5, 1996                                                                         Ian wins by 1 second, and repeats                                                                         this by the same margin on Leg 18.