Course Details

Stage Details - 2017

The Green Belt Relay follows much of the Green Belt Way.  It starts at Hampton Court and ends just a couple of miles away in Kingston, but taking a detour around 220 miles of footpaths, minor roads and towpaths around the outside of London.  Some of these combine with other popular recognised paths (the North Downs Way, the Essex Way, the Thames Path, to name just a few). 

THE ROUTE IS VERY COMPLEX AND IF YOU DON'T PREPARE YOU WILL GO WRONG!  We do our best to mark the course in advance of the race and you do not need any special navigation skills, but you should not rely on the markings - they get removed or washed away, and you MUST bring a copy of your map.  It is well worth at least spending an hour or so familiarising yourself with the main turns, and GPS devices are increasingly used.

The entire course is available on the Viewranger app, in the pre-loaded route "GBR 2016".  This allows you to follow the route, and also to set up beacons to allow others to follow your progress - we recommend that you use this if you want to minimise your chances of getting lost.



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