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Race Safety

Some words about race safety:

The race is nearly 220 miles long around a  big stretch of south-east England, so there are some inherent risks with taking part.  Please read the notes below, read your race map, attend the stage briefing (15 minutes before the start), pay attention to it, listen to marshals, drive carefully, and we will all make it round without any trouble.

We have a systematic marshalling and marking plan in place to warn you of danger points, including a full risk assessment of all of the potential dangers, marshals at road crossings, but none of that is a substitute for runners using their own common sense.  Marshals can’t (and shouldn’t) stop traffic or prevent you from crossing roads whenever you like, so you are responsible for your own safety. This isn’t always easy in the heat of competition, but please don’t take risks.

Our race licence and insurace is certified here:


The following is the current version of the race risk assessment, with associated hazard codes:



The following is a summary of our first aid procedures:


First Aid: We have two qualified and equipped first-aiders following the stages in the race control car and in the "sweep" car.  The number to call is printed on all race maps; all runners need to run with a copy of the map and with a phone.  We rely on runners to help each other in the event of problems as well as on our marshalls and first-aiders; you are rarely more than a mile or so from a road on the course (see the first aid document for an analysis of this), but clearly it is possible that help could take some time to get to you.

Traffic Dangers: On every stage there are sections of running on roads, road crossings, and many places where footpaths emerge onto roads with little warning. All of these roads are open to traffic, and some of them have traffic moving at high speed (the roads though Wycombe woods, Epping Forest, and near East Clandon being just a few examples).

Other Hazards: There are also other hazards, including livestock in fields, electric fences, steep hills, decrepit stiles, bicycles, horses, drunken wedding guests, level crossings, slippery paths, rowers getting racing boats onto the river, and all of the other things you might expect to find on a busy weekend in the countryside.

Fuelling: The race also takes place often in warm weather (or sometimes heavy rain), some of the stages are quite demanding, and it is quite possible to make navigational errors; we have watering stations and provide a few snacks at the finish, but it is up to runners to make sure they are properly fed and hydrated before they set off – this isn’t always easy given the timing and the general logistical challenge of getting to the different stage starts/finishes. Bring plenty of water and snacks with your car/bus, eat and drink well, follow your map, bring a change of clothing, and call or ask for help if you get lost.


How You Can Help:

SHORT CUTS: If a marshal sees you taking a short cut across a road instead of using the road crossing marked on the map (e.g. Hampton Court Bridge), you will incur a time penalty.

MAPS: You MUST run with your race map – at least the front page. We will provide you with copies. The timekeepers at the start will not let you start without one, and the race has a long history of people going wrong by not following them. Please take heed of the warnings indicated on the race maps – potential dangers are highlighted in red with the word DANGER.  The maps are hard to follow while running fast if you haven't seen them before - unless you want to get lost or into trouble, please spend some time reading through your map BEFORE THE RACE.

PHONE: Please take a mobile phone with you when you run – emergency numbers are included on the front page of the map.

MARSHALLING: Please look out for and pay attention to marshals, and if they ask you to stop, then stop. If you are aware of a danger or trouble on the course, please stop and inform one of them. If you are assigned marshalling duties, please take them seriously and let us know if you are unable to fulfill them.  We’d also prefer it if you didn’t listen to music while running.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: If you are running or marshalling, please treat members of the public, motorists, horse riders, cyclists, rowers etc. with calm politeness. We go to great lengths in providing notice to and getting permissions from anyone who might be affected by the race, so there should be no reason for anyone to object to our race.  Smile politely and carry on.

DRIVING: Please drive carefully! There are lots of narrow, fast country lanes with sharp bends. If you are running late for a stage, let us know, but missing a stage isn't worth risking a crash for - worst case, we will assign you a cut off time to your missing runner.


Marshalling Points:

The following is a list of the main marshalling points for each, with a summary risk rating.  These are also listed on each runner's race map, and specific hazards are highlighted on the detailed maps.

Stage Place Risk Miles Water? Postcode Time Description (please refer to map for details)
1 Hampton Court Bridge H 0 KT8 9AS 08:30 Cross using crossing
1 Walton Bridge (tbc) H 5.1 Water TW17 8LY 09:00 tbc - need to check works, and may not be "high"
1 Russell Road M 5.6 TW17 8JJ 09:03 Left turn, as pavement runs out
1 Ferry Lane turn L 6.5 TW17 9LG 09:10 Left turn
1 Chertsey Bridge L 8.6 Water KT16 8JA 09:15 (Water only)
1 Gate after Staines railway bridge L 12.4 TW18 4BO 09:35 Through gate after rway bridge
2 Staines Bridge/towpath L 0.2 TW18 3JF 09:40 Onto towpath from bridge
2 Towpath/mooring M 3.1 Water SL4 2SH 09:57 Warn for mooring
2 Bridge L 5 SL3 9DA 10:07 Sharp left after bridge and back onto towpath
2 Turn onto road towards Datchet M 5.7 Water SL3 9BZ 10:10 Left onto pavement
2 Road crossing through Datchet H 6.4 SL3 9BR 10:14 Past road crossings and then over to pavement on RHS
2 Windsor/Eton Bridge M 7.5 Water SL4 1PU 10:20 Cross Farm Yard, right to bridge, then left to Brocas
3 Maidenhead Bridge L 4.2 Water SL6 0BB 11:00 Up to bridge crossing
3 Turn after bridge to A4094 H 4.4 SL6 8DW 11:00 Right turn onto busy road
3 Road into Cookham H 7.7 SL6 9RE 11:20 Right turn onto busy road
3 Cookham church H 7.8 Water SL6 9QW 11:20 Road crossing to churchyard
3 Railway crossing H 9.6 SL8 5RF 11:30 Pedestrian level crossing
3 Spade Oak  M 10 Water SL8 5PT 11:30 Left turn to footpath
3 Lane to finish L 10.8 SL7 3RY 11:40 Right turn to lane
4 Handy Cross H 2.9 Water HP10 9QD 11:55 Over road and into field over stile
4 Booker/Limmer Lane H 4.5 Water HP12 4QX 12:00 Right and then cross road
4 Lane End Rd H 5.3 HP12 4EW 12:05 Across busy road to path
4 Toweridge Rd/A40 H 7.3 HP14 3AP 12:20 Right towards West Wycombe
4 Cookshall Lane M 7.9 Water HP14 3AA 12:20 Over roundabout to lane
4 A4128 crossing to Boss Lane H 11 Water HP14 4PE 12:40 Over road to lane
5 Heath End Road crossroads H 0.25 HP15 6HP 12:50 Over junction
5 Turn to South Bucks Way M 2 HP16 0DL 12:58 Cross road on bend and join footpath
5 Little Missenden L 3.3 HP7 0QU 13:10 Guide away from SBW and around village
5 Path under A413 M 5 Water HP7 0RN 13:20 Guide out of cricket field, and warn about low bridge
5 Amersham High St/church H 6 HP7 0DT 13:20 Cross road, left into churchyard
5 Amersham A416 crossing H 6.5 HP7 0DBD 13:22 Block runners to prevent from crossing Station Rd
5 Raan's road roundabout H 7.2 HP6 6NX 13:25 Under bridge and across roundabout
5 Bell Lane L 8.5 Water HP6 6PQ 13:35 Left onto road
5 Latimer Farm M 8.8 HP5 1TU 13:35 Left from road over stile, and warn about livestock
5 Flaunden crossroads M 11.35 HP3 0PW 13:45 Over crossroads
5 Hog Pits Rd t-junction M 11.6 Water HP3 0PW 13:50 Over road and onto forest track
5 Chipperfield road turn M 12.8 WD4 9DE 14:00 Left and then right to Buck Hill
6 Langley Rd & turn after bridge M 1.5 WD4 9JQ 14:10 Onto road, over bridge and right to footpath
6 Church Rd crossing H 2.1 WD4 8JR 14:15 Across busy urban road
6 Primrose Hill crossing M 2.8 Water WD4 8HS 14:20 Across road and onto narrow path
6 Sergehill Lane crossing H 4.6 WD5 0RW 14:30 Across busy road
6 Potters Crouch M 6.1 Water AL2 3NN 14:35 Across quiet crossroads
6 Field towards houses L 7.2 AL3 4JW 14:40 Right to field
6 King Harry Lane H 7.6 AL3 4HX 14:45 Cross via pelican crossing into park
7 Cottonmill Lane crossing M 0.3 AL1 1HJ 14:55 Across lane and back onto Ver Path
7 Hatfield underpass L 5 Water AL10 0SQ 15:20 Bridge over motorway, then right to subway for Alban Way
7 St Albans Rd West crossing M 5.25 AL10 0FH 15:25 Alban way crosses minor road
7 Lemsford Rd crossing M 5.4 AL10 0DL 15:25 Alban way crosses minor road
7 Ground Lane road crossing M 6 AL10 0QH 15:25 Alban way crosses minor road
7 A1000 crossing H 7 Water AL9 5HW 15:30 Cross A1000 using traffic island, before A414 bridge
7 Cole Green Way start L 10.25 Water AL7 3DQ 15:45 Turn on verge from Holywell Hyde Lane into Cole Green Lane and way
8 Subway to Hertford castle L 2.75 SG13 8FL 16:15 Ignore cycle path signs to use pedestrian underpass
8 Maidenhead Rd Hertford M 2.85 SG14 1EA 16:15 Use pelican crossing to cross into pedestrian shopping street
8 Mill Rd canal crossing L 3.5 Water SG13 7GD 16:20 Cross Mill Rd and weir to join canal towpath
8 Amwell End crossing H 5.7 Water SG12 9BS 16:30 Towpath emerges onto road - use traffic islands
8 St Margarets L 7.75 Water SG12 8DH 16:45 (Water only)
9 Cross bridge L 1.5 EN10 6QT 17:05 Cross bridge and narrow road to join other side
9 Station Rd, Waltham Abbey L 5.5 Water EN9 1AZ 17:25 (Water only)
9 Enfield Lock L 7 Water EN3 6GE 17:35 Turns away from river to Godwin Close
9 A112 crossing to Mott St H 8 EN9 3QQ 17:45 Left to pavement, then right to Mott St
9 Crossroads towards High Beach M 9.75 IG10 4AD 17:50 Straight on over Avey Lane
10 A104 forest crossing H 0.55 IG10 4AF 18:00 Cross busy, fast road
10 A121 forest crossing - Broad Strood H 1.7 IG10 2SD 18:05 Cross busy, fast road
10 B127 forest crossing H 2.6 CM16 5HW 18:10 Cross busy, fast road
10 Theydon Rd crossing H 4.2 Water CM16 4EA 18:20 Cross busy, fast road and turn right
10 Epping station M 5.15 CM16 4FG 18:25 Cross Central Drive and onto footpath to station
10 Cross Bower Hill M 5.3 CM16 7AA 18:25 Cross Bower Hill to join pavement on LHS
10 Crossing to Houblons Hill H 6.4 CM16 7QJ 18:30 Cross Coopersale St into Houblons Hill, watching ditch on green
10 Coopersale - road crossing at church M 7 Water CM16 7QT 18:35 Cross to school and onto path through woods
11 Toot Hill T-junction M 0.8 CM5 9LF 19:00 Right turn into Greensted Rd
11 Essex Way turn off road L 1.3 CM5 9LG 19:00 Left turn after farm onto Essex Way
11 Ongar High St L 2.9 Water CM5 9AB 19:10 Cross road using zebra crossing, and left into Castle St
11 High Ongar M 4.2 CM5 9RL 19:20 Cross road and through hedges into fields
11 Paslow Farm M 6.5 Water CM4 0JY 19:30 Cross road and round barns to St Peters Way
11 Blackmore Rd crossing L 7.1 CM4 0RB 19:30 Cross road and into field towards finish
12 Sharp left bend M 0.8 CM15 0QZ 08:00 Road bends sharp left past two roads to the right
12 Windmill/Billericay turn L 4.4 Water CM15 0TD 08:20 Left turn signposted Billericay
12 Lower Rd junction L 5.4 CM13 1XB 08:25 Left & right turns
12 Hutton Lane turn L 6.7 Water CM13 1QG 08:30 Cross road to right turn
12 Hutton Church  L 7 CM13 1RX 08:35 Path to left of church, then right & left to bridleway
12 Brentwood Rd crossing H 9.5 CM13 3QZ 08:45 Cross busy road and turn left & right towards golf club
13 Childerditch Lane H 0.3 CM13 3RZ 09:05 Cross lane, half right turn to join pavement along Eagle Way
13 Magpie Lane crossing H 1.7 CM13 3DT 09:12 Emerge from woods to turn right and cross road
13 Warley  Rd crossing H 2.3 CM13 3JH 09:14 Cross busy road into Codham Hall Lane
13 Codham Lane end L 2.85 Water CM13 3FB 09:17 Join path around field
13 Nightingale Lane M 5.5 Water RM14 1EW 09:28 Cross residential road
14 Pike Lane H 0.2 RM14 2XL 09:42 Emerge from fields to run briefly along Pike Lane, then right to path
14 Ockendon Rd M 2.15 Water RM14 2DJ 09:51 Cross road
14 Aveley High St M 5.8 Water RM15 4AD 10:06 Right to high street, then cross to left and turn left
14 Mardyke Path start L 6.55 RM19 1YX 10:11 Left turn to path
15 Pigrims Way turn M 0.85 DA1 1RF 10:45 Right and left turns to Pilgrims Way
15 Green St turn M 1.2 DA1 1QA 10:45 Turn left and cross using traffic island
15 Darenth Country Park entrance M 2 DA2 6PU 10:50 Left to cross Gore Rd, then right to cross park entrance
15 Turn up Darenth Hill M 2.4 DA2 7JP 10:50 Turn right to cross road at pub and to pavement on RHS
15 Roman Villa Rd turn M 2.9 DA2 7QS 10:50 Left to Roman Villa Rd
15 Bridges pub M 4.6 Water DA4 9AZ 11:00 Right over river, then left to cross road and onto Darent Valley Path
16 Road section after start M 0.2 DA4 0JF 11:34 Cross road and back onto path
16 Otford High St L 3.2 Water TN14 5PQ 11:50 Turn right to pavement
16 Telston Lane M 3.8 TN14 5JX 11:50 Cross High St and left to Telston Lane
16 Rose & Crown pub M 4.75 TN13 2TH 11:55 Turn right to cross London Rd, then right on pavement
16 Morants Court Rd M 5.3 TN14 6HD 11:55 Left to cross Morants Ct Rd, then right over M25, then left to B2211
16 Road bend towards Chevening H 5.8 TN14 6HB 12:00 Right to cross road, then over decrepit stile
16 Keepers Cottage L 7.5 Water TN14 7PP 12:10 Left onto road down steep hill
16 A233 crossing H 10.8 Water TN16 2DS 12:25 Right onto A233, then left into the Avenue
16 Church Hill turn M 12.3 TN16 2DG 12:35 Right into Church Hill
16 Ship Hill turn M 12.8 TN16 2JY 12:38 Left into Ship Hill
17 Clarks Lane turn M 0.8 TN16 2JT 12:55 Right turn at t-junction
17 The Ridge turn M 1.55 CR6 9QH 13:00 Right onto B269, then left onto The Ridge
17 Gangers Hill turn M 3.3 Water CR3 7AX 13:10 Left turn at t-junction
17 Tandridge Rd Junction L 4 RH9 8DF 13:15 Run across junction with road to left
17 Quarry Rd turn L 4.7 RH9 8DF 13:15 Sharp right up track
17 Stanstead Rd junction M 7.6 Water CR3 6AJ 13:30 Right at junction, then left to NDW
17 Hilltop Lane crossing M 8.7 CR3 5BL 13:35 Cross lane to continue on NDW
18 Gatton Rd crossing M 0.75 RH2 0TA 13:55 Right onto road, then left towards school and NDW
18 Viewpoint & footbridge L 2 Water RH2 9RP 14:00 Cross Wray Lane and round snack bar to cross footbridge
18 Pebble Hill Rd H 5.8 Water RH3 7BP 14:20 Left to pavement, then cross road to pavement on RHS
18 The Coombe M 6.3 RH3 7BW 14:25 Right into residential road, then round to left to NDW
19 Turn onto road from Box Hill L 1 RH5 6BY 14:47 Through stile and left to join road
19 Subway to Westhumble L 1.4 RH5 6BX 14:47 Through subway and left & then right into village
19 Chapel ruin left turn L 2.2 RH5 6AY 14:52 Sharp left turn to small road
19 Ranmore road crossing M 4.2 Water RH5 6SR 15:05 Cross road junction to gate to NDW
19 NDW road crossing H 6.5 Water RH5 6QS 15:12 Right & left turns over road on NDW
20 West Horsley Road Crossing H 2.6 KT24 6DG 15:57 Busy road crossing using traffic islands east of roundabout
20 Silkmore Lane turn M 3 Water KT24 6JP 16:00 Cross road to fork left
20 Jury Farm/Ripley Lane H 4 KT24 6JT 16:05 Track ends; sharp right to road
21 Anchor pub M 1.5 GU23 6QW 16:22 Road crossing
21 Old Parvis Rd L 3.3 Water KT14 6LE 16:32 Road crossing
21 Byfleet Rd crossing H 4.5 KT15 3JH 16:38 Busy road crossing
21 Weybridge Lock  H 5.8 Water KT13 8HN 16:45 Busy road crossing
21 Church Walk L 6.5 KT13 8NH 16:50 Small footpath
22 Hampton Court bridge H 4.8 Water KT8 9EP 17:25 Cross using pelican crossing
22 Turn up to Kingston Bridge L 7.7 Water KT1 4BU 17:40 Left up to road (not under bridge)
22 Turn off Kingston Bridge L 8.1 KT1 4BU 17:40 Sharp left down ramp to towpath
22 Towpath to finish L 9.1 KT2 5BD 17:45 Left off Lower Ham Rd to join upper towpath to finish