Below are some photos of past GBRs

Photo credit Sean Davis, Steve Rowland and Martin Wood.

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Start of leg 15

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Who said it didn't hurt       Don Esselmont of Epsom     Mike Peters of the Shandies 
      when you win?                  and Ewell Harriers         wining leg 9 by 2 minutes.


2000 Double stage winner Dave Benton                      Sue Ashley


2000 - Double stage winners Linda Cartwright    and   Mike Lane       

Hugh Jones sets the record on Stage 1 in 1997.

 The Start 1999. Chris Owens does his best to get the Ranelagh Old Dogs disqualified for running ahead of the marshal.


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                    Lynda Howe                         Ian Johnson (Stragglers) and Robin                     Stragglers                           Kindersley (Serpentine), Leg 5, 1996                                                                 Ian wins by 1 second, and repeats                                                                 this by the same margin on Leg 18.

Lynda dancing at the start in 1996.

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Start of Leg 6 in 1999

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The first GBR - the start.

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 The Finish of First GBR, Weston Green.

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 Jezebel, 1916, Dennis Fire Engine, Royal College of Science Motorised Mascot, my old college, at the start in 1999.

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 David Wiltshire, MP with Bob Waters and Lynda at the start in 1996.

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Sean presents a cheque to mencap in 1999

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