GBR Prize-Giving

Here's shots of the some of the prize winners from GBR2000

ThePrizes2000.jpg (14498 bytes)    

The Trophies  

RanelaghLadies2000.jpg (13209 bytes)

Ranelagh -Ladies Team Winners 2000

EpsomEwell2000.jpg (18410 bytes)

Epsom & Ewell - Last Team "Winners" 2000

RanelaghVets2000.jpg (16177 bytes)

Ranelagh - Mens Vets Winners 2000


Sunday-Night Shandies

Here's most of the Sunday Night Shandies who made their debut in GBR2000. They were a 'pub' team and they didn't actually win a prize - but they certainly livened up proceedings. They managed to finish 3rd overall and won a quarter of the men's stages. In 2003 they returned and took the overall team prize.

                Shandies-Team Photo.jpg (74605 bytes)  

Sunday Night Shandies - Post-Race Photo
left to right:     Back Row:  Paul McTigue, Jonathon Powell, Ian Dent, Jim Desmond
                        Front Row: Declan Flynn, Martin Bryson, Martin Wood, John MacFarlane
                        Absent: Mike Peters and Kevin Tilley