Photos by Neil Sloss, Jim Desmond and Tony Hopkins.


Sandra Blenkinsop passes Hughenden Church on leg 4.


Neil Dadlani look happy at the start of leg 10, but what's got Sonia Rowland's attention.


Brian Wiles follows Ian Hodge for a pint at Farningham on leg 13.


Emma Hallay chases Clare Wyngard through Farningham on leg 13.


Emmie Gribble looks content, under Eynsford Viaduct on leg 13.


The second phase leaves Tatsfield on leg 15. If the knew what lay ahead they wouldn't look so happy


Jim Desmond turns left to the viewpoint on Gravilley Hill on leg 15. Hope he took in the view - it's worth it after the climb up, past Pilgrim Fort Camp.


Andy Collins on the climb up to Ranemore Common on leg 17.


Pippa Major, near the top of the climb to Ranemore Common - but the toughest bit is just around the corner.