Photos by Steve Rowland

Mike Bangham leads the first leg out of Hampton Court


Martin Wood and Chris Owen on Stage 1


65-year-old Pat Hewlett on Stage 1


Mark Critchlow (483) leads the way on Stage 3.


Crossing a field to Bedmond on Stage 6.


The Alban Way on Stage 7.


Hugh Jones having fun on Stage 7.


Passing Mountnessing Windmill on Stage 11.



Roy Reader and Darryl McDonald on Stage 11


The start of Stage 13.


Martin Woods in a hurry for a beer, at Farningham, on Stage 13


Mike Bruce, Bob Harrison and John Barnard on Stage 16.


Mark Critchlow leads the way along the Wey on Stage 19.


Along the Wey, from Black Boy Bridge, Stage 19.