Photos - 2012

Some pictures from the early stages of the 2012 race.  Thanks to Fr. Gideon Onn for these.


IMG 1769

Stragglers Ladies, at the start (which was on the towpath by Hampton Court in 2012 rather than inside the palace grounds, due to Olympic preparations)



IMG 1770

Golden Joggers


IMG 1772

The relay sets off


IMG 1775

John Greaves, Tiago Ramos and Peter Wedderburn of the Stragglers


IMG 1776

A spectator


IMG 1778

The revised finish to stage 2 near Eton, diverted from Boveney for Olympics preparations

IMG 1786

The photographer, Fr. Gideon Onn


IMG 1792

Ranelagh Harriers team talk


IMG 1798

Just a few of the Serpentine team


IMG 1816

Alan Short and Alan Pemberton


IMG 1817

Those Golden Joggers again


IMG 1819

Dee Smale of the Stragglers, holder of 6 stage wins in the GBR and five stage records, with running partner


IMG 1826

Getting ready for stage 4


IMG 1828

Some of the London Frontrunners

IMG 1831

26.2 RC (hooray!)


IMG 1842

Race briefing, stage 4, Little Marlow


IMG 1846

One of the OlsgBosco running nuns

IMG 1848

Stage 4 sets off from Little Marlow - one of the tougher stages and part of the "King (and Queen) of the Mountains" competition

IMG 1851

Not quite sure where this one is


IMG 1861

The Golden Joggers, again


IMG 1866

Race briefing for Stage 5


IMG 1868

Serpentine team with their maps, just before stage 5 (another tough one)


IMG 1870

Stage 5 sets off from Great Kingshill