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Photos - Leg 2

Leg 2 crosses Staines Bridge and follows the river from Staines, through Runnymede, Windsor Great Park, along the Long walk to Windsor, over the Thames to finish along the Thames at Eton.

Staines Bridge - The start is on the right, next to the bridge.

It rained on the first day in 2005. So why are these runners hiding under Staines Bridge before the start?

Along the towpath away from Staines Bridge.

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Directly across the Thames a half a mile past StainesBridge is "The London Stone", this marks the boundary of the Corporation of London's Jurisdiction along the river.  It looks a bit bigger in the sign than it does in real life.

1LondonStoneSignStaines.jpg (10973 bytes)

The old start of stage 2 (just past Staines) in 2003.

Looking back along the River Thames to Staines


At 2 miles, on the hill to the left is the Striking Airforce Memorial.

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View from the Tower on the Airforces Memorial. You can make out a plane on the top right of the photo making its final approach to Heathrow.

Walking from the Tea Rooms to the Memorials at Runnymede.

2RunnymedeField.jpg (47577 bytes)

Below this can be seen, the Magna Carta Memorial.  Here King John sealed Magna Carta in 1215.

2MagnaCartaMem.jpg (59658 bytes) 

 2Sign1Runnymede.jpg (24645 bytes)

Runners on the Thames Towpath at Runnymede

Path up to John F Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede. As soon as you go through the gate you are officially on American soil.

Up the steep steps at 2.5 miles past the John F Kennedy Memorial.

2JFKMemorialRunnymede.jpg (33729 bytes)

JFK Memorial Sign - Click on the photo to see a larger image

3.85 miles we enter Windsor Great Park, through Bishopsgate.

Past the Copper Horse, erected in 1831, with George III on top and follow the Long Walk for 2.5 miles to Windsor Castle.

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Mary from Havering 90 Joggers takes a break on the Long Walk

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Exit Windsor Great Park, at 7 miles, through Cambridge Gate and past the Two Brewers Pub.


The Blue Air Mail Box and Ancient Well

Warrant to Execute King Charles I on front of The Old Kings Head Pub - Click on photo for a larger image. Below a plaque next to the "Warrant" states William Shakespeare stayed at the pub when he wrote "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

The Wren Town Hall of 1689, and from under - note the central pillars do not touch the ceiling


The Victoria Memorial in front of King Henry's Gate

The Curfew Tower

Wren lived in the house on the bridge at 7.5 miles.


The leg crosses Windsor Bridge and along the Thames at Eton.  The famous public school was founded by Henry VI in 1440.

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2EtonSchool.jpg (10010 bytes)   2BoysCrossing.jpg (16850 bytes)

Eton High Street from next to Eton Bridge

Eton College Chapel from the Thames path at Brocas Field


Windsor Castle from Brocas Field

Brunel's Bow & String Railway Bridge

The old start of leg 3 is now a mile from the end of leg 2. This is the start in 1997.

The Towpath before Boveney

Boveney Lock at 9 miles

2BoveneyLock.jpg (64346 bytes)

Direction sign along the towpath at Boveney Lock

2DirectionSignBoveneyLock.jpg (36644 bytes)

Mark Critchlow on the way to setting a stage record in 2003.

The Finish at the bench on the River Thames next to Boveney Church