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Photos - Leg 6

Starts on the Green, opposite the Two Brewers in Chipperfield.

The Start in 2003

The path, at 1.8 miles, is only yards away from the Old Palace Pub. The front garden of a house opposite contains all that is left of Queen Eleanor's Palace.

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7PalaceKingsLan.jpg (56492 bytes)       7PathKingsLangley.jpg (37809 bytes)

The Grand Union Canal at 2.8 miles.

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Fields before Bedmond.

The "Tin" Church at Bedmond at 4.6 miles.

6TinChurchBedmond.jpg (49659 bytes)

Funny Farm at 5 miles. In 2002 both statues were dressed to be wedded.

Lane after Bedmond.

The Holy Bush Pun at 6.2 miles.

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Roman Veralium, St Albans at 8 miles.

6StAlbansRomanV.jpg (36089 bytes)

Veralium Park and Ye Olde Fighting Cocks at 8.3 miles.

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Looking across the Park to the Abbey.

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The Cathedral Nave is the longest in England.

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The 15thC Clock Tower, St Albans.

7ClockTour1335StAlbans.jpg (33024 bytes)

Johnny Powell, Sunday Night Shandies, is first to St Albans