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Photos - Leg 7

Starts at St Albans and follows the Alban Way (disused railway line, now cycle path) for 5.5 miles to Hatfield.

Start in 2003.

Sopwell Nunnery just after the start.

Old converted railway station on the Alban Way

The Alban Way

Paul McTigue (172), Howard Grubb (119) and Marcus Acker on the Alban Way

Coming off Alban Way up to memorial to the Comet at 5.5 miles.

     7PathUpTo Comet.jpg (33153 bytes)                           7Comet2.jpg (21960 bytes)

Cross over A1. Here the A1 goes into the Hatfield Tunnel for a mile.

7Galleria.jpg (25701 bytes) 7HatfieldTunnelPlaque.jpg (30407 bytes)

Hatfield House and Fore Street.

HatfieldHouse.JPG (18292 bytes)   

Mill Green Mill at 7.9 miles.

The Drinking Trough at Mill Green Mill.

Commons Wood Nature Reserve at Welwyn at 8.7 miles. Click on the photo to get a larger version that you can read.

A gate in Commons Wood at 9 miles. It was locked, so I had to lift my bike over it?

A memorial on the edge of the woods at 9.7 miles.

The Cole Green Way goes under the A414 at 11.6 miles.

Then along the Cole Green Way to Letty Green.