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Photos - Leg 10

Starts next to the Forest Centre, High Beach in Epping Forest

Old house, High Beach


Two of the three blue plaques on the house above


Some scenes from inside the Forest, and believe me it's really hilly in here.



A Coal Post on Green Ride in Epping Forest.

Ambresbury Banks, an ancient fort (next to Green Ride) at 3 miles, scene of Queen Boudicca's last stand against the Romans.

The Start of the Essex Way, signed by a plaque on the wall of Epping Station at 5.2 miles.


The footbridge on the Essex Way, over the railway, next to Epping Station.

Essex Way at 5.9 miles.

Coopersale Street Green and Pub at 6.4 miles.

Coopersale Church at 7 miles.

Gernon Bushes sign at 7.15 miles. If you look carefully you can see the route from "YOU ARE HERE" to the footbridge over the M11.

Along Mill Lane towards the finish at Toothill.

A Miller's weight - All that is left of Toothill Mill.

The finish area at Toothill.

The Green Man Pub, just yards from the finish at Toothill.