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Photos - Leg 11

 Starts from Toot Hill

An unusual letterbox on Rose Cottage, near the start.

The small footbridge, before Greenstead, at 1.9 miles.

Converted barn at Greenstead.

Greenstead Church, at 2 miles. The oldest wooden building in Europe and wooden church in the world.

Greenstead Church spire is re-slated in 2005. The tiles used are cut from Oak Trees that fell during the great storm of 1987.  This work should last for over 100 years.

Peter Harknett, the oldest Steeplejack in the UK. You can see him at work in the photo above.

The 12thCent Crusader's Grave next to the church.

A sign on a row of old houses on Chipping Ongar High Street at 2.95 miles.

Chipping Ongar Castle.

Chipping Ongar Church at 3.15 miles.

"Conservation Walks" sign on the way to Blackmore at 6.9 miles.

Towards Blackmore Church.

Past Blackmore Church at 7.4 miles. The spire is quite unique by having three levels.

The final few yards along Church Street, Blackmore.

The finish outside the Bull Inn.

Post Office on The Green, Blackmore.