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Photos - Leg 12

Leg 12 starts day 2 from Blackmore in Essex.

The house above has nursery rhyme characters all over its walls. Below are some larger photos of these.

Some images passed on the way out of Blackmore.

The Green, Blackmore

The War Memorial on the Green.

Be careful of the ducks crossing the road. The do this to get from one pond to another.

The two ponds on Blackmore Green.

The stocks on the Green.

Bridget Cuthbert - on Green Street at 2 miles

Mountnessing Windmill at 4.4 miles

Water Tower at Bergums

Entrance to Hutton Country Park

Wooden Bus Stop, Hutton.

Hutton Church at 7 miles

Ingrave Church at 9.5 miles

Thorndon House at 9.7 miles

Bluebells in Thorndon Park at 10 miles

Through Thorndon Park to the Finish

Looking over the results at Thorndon Park.

Tim Wood enjoys a well earned drink at the finish.

The Finish is at the Thorndon Countryside Centre