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Photos - Leg 15

Starts at the bridge viewpoint, overlooking the vast Queen Elizabeth II Bridge over the Thames and heads south along the Darent Valley.

Not from this height.

12QE2bridge2.jpg (26210 bytes)

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Viewpoint. Preparing for the start.

View to QE2 Bridge from the Start Area and from the road


South Darent Viaduct, at 4 miles, built in 1858 to carry the London to Ramsgate railway across the Darent. One of the chimneys of the paper mill can be seen in the background.  

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River Darent  and an adjacent beer garden at Farningham, at 6.5 miles.

13farninghamriver1.jpg (13996 bytes)

The Manor House, Farningham. Once home of Captain Bligh of the Bounty.

13farninghammanorhouse1.jpg (32140 bytes)

The Old Mill, Farningham.

13farninghammill.jpg (30577 bytes)

The Village Butchers and the White House, Farningham.



Sparepenny Lane

Memorial to James Paterson on Sparepenny Lane

The remains of Eynsford Castle, at 7.5 miles, can be seen from Sparepenny Lane.

The Ford and Church at Eynsford Village.

13eynsfordbridge.jpg (38468 bytes)

The Watermark Restaurant, next to the ford

Eynsford Viaduct at 8 miles.

The 15th century gatehouse to Lullingstone Castle. Older than that of the castle, which is really an 18th century manor house.  St Botolph's Church, within the castle walls, contains monuments of the Hart Dyke family, owners of the castle.

13lullingstonecastlegate1.jpg (18736 bytes)

Lullingstone Castle from the Gatehouse

Lullingstone Castle Church

Lullingstone Park Golf Course

13lullingstonegolfcourse1.jpg (15789 bytes)

This beautifully carved bench, next to the river, and close to the end of the leg, is a memorial to a deceased 15 year old.

The footpath from Lullingstone Castle to the Visitor's Centre

The finish is on the River Darent, behind the Lullingstone Park Visitor's Centre.

13LullingstonVisitorsFinish.jpg (31581 bytes)

Richard Pitt, Millennium finishing and going for a dip

The visitor's centre has a restaurant, a shop and upstairs has a small museum with lots of information on the area.


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