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Photos - Leg 16

Starts from Lullingstone Park Visitors Centre and follows the River Darent south.

14LullingstoneVisitorSign.jpg (22591 bytes)

The start in 2004.

Castle Farm, just after the start, is built on the remains of Shoreham castle.  Below is a water powered windmill at the farm.

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Water House, at 1.5 miles, was the residence 19th century artist of Samuel Palmer.

14SamuelPalmerHouse.jpg (34678 bytes)    14SamuelPalmerSign.jpg (27106 bytes)

There are lots of old pubs in Shoreham. The 16th century Kings Arms, claims to have the only complete Jolly Ostler's box in the country.

14JollyOstler.jpg (33092 bytes)      14KingsArmsShoreham.jpg (39349 bytes)

The huge White Cross on the hill, can be seen from along the river and the churchyard. It remembers those locals who died in the Great War.

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Some images of Shoreham village. Flint Cottage, the narrow bridge and the river in flood.

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14BridgeShoreham.jpg (27632 bytes)

Through the village and across the golf course.

There are many oast houses along the River Darent. The one below at 2 miles is Filston Farm, and was originally "Vielestun", the settlement of the Norman knight Vital, who appears in the Bayeaux Tapestry as one of William the Conqueror's men.

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On a narrow road at the entrance to Filston Farm is a carved wooden sign displaying the Filston Ancient Trackway.

13shorehamfilstontrack.jpg (28001 bytes)

Along the Darent Valley path towards Otford.

13DarentValleyPathOtford.jpg (28012 bytes)

Otford village at 3 miles is centred around a roundabout with a pond in the middle. St Bartholomew's Church, in the background has three ways of telling time, see can you work them out.

14PondOtford.jpg (35658 bytes)

Nearby is the remains of Otford Palace. The Archbishop's Palace existed in the rein of Henry VIII and had 200 rooms.

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There are many old and listed buildings in Otford

Part of the sign on a wall in the village. The sign tells the history of Otford.

14TapistryOtford3.jpg (43439 bytes)

The sign in Otford Recreation Ground showing a Model of the Solar System on 1st January 2000.

Doddington Manor Hotel, on the North Downs Way, at 4 miles.

14DoddingtonManor.jpg (29201 bytes)

Old Thatched House just after 4 miles with sculptured pheasants on the roof.

14Pheasants.jpg (25461 bytes)

At 5 miles we go through the hamlet of Chevening, with its old church interesting old buildings.


Chevening was built around the Stately House, and we get wonderful views of the house and surrounding as we climb up the Downs.

The remainder of the leg follows the North Downs Way and the Pilgrims Way to finish on the Green at Tatsfield.

Mike Peters of Shandies wins in 2003.