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Photos - Leg 22

Leg 22 - starts at Walton Bridge and heads along the Thames Towpath to Hampton Court.

20EndOfLeg19WaltonBridge.jpg (21510 bytes)

A well loved boat moored outside the Weir Pub.

Hurst Park, once a well-known race-course at 3.5 miles.

Across the Thames at 4 miles is Hampton Village.

20Garrick&Church.jpg (27692 bytes)

Houseboats on the Thames at 4.5 miles

20HouseBoats.jpg (29323 bytes)

Swan Island at 4.3 miles.

20SwanIsland.jpg (28748 bytes)

The Boat Slide at Molesey Lock at 4.75 miles.

20HamptonCourtSlide.jpg (29121 bytes)

The View of Hampton Court and the Bridge at 4.8 miles.

20HamptonCourtBridge.jpg (25870 bytes)

Just over Hampton Court Bridge and opposite the Palace.

We pass the entrance to Hampton Court at 5.1 miles. In the middle is my daughter Emma and on the right is Mike Barnett, both members of Stragglers Running Club.

20GateMenMikeBarnett&EmmaHamptonCourt.jpg (28664 bytes)


We rejoin the river again at 5.2 miles. Past Wren's Banqueting House, with good views of the Palace and the Gardens to the left.

20WrensBanquetingHouse.jpg (24601 bytes)

Kingston Bridge, recently widened, is crossed at 8 miles.

20KingstonBridge.jpg (22329 bytes)

An old plaque on Kingston Bridge. To get a larger and easily readable image, click on the photo.

In central Kingston, just a short stroll from the bridge, is the King's Stone. This was used in coronation of seven Saxon Kings.

20KingsStone.jpg (37376 bytes) 20KingStoneSign.jpg (28959 bytes)

The bandstand, along the river at Kingston, in Canbury Gardens at 8.5 miles.

20BandstandCanburyGdns.jpg (32043 bytes)

Along to the finish, beware of the birds.

20KingstonRiverside.jpg (21727 bytes)

Back onto path for the last few hundred yards. The tree in the photo replaced one that stood here for 500 years, up to 1952.

20ToTheFinish2.jpg (27572 bytes)

The final few yards.

The finish, behind the Hawker Centre (home of the Harrier), beside the Thames at Ham.

20TheFinish2000.jpg (51667 bytes)

Sonia O'Sullivan looking pleased with her a new stage record in 2005. Evan Bond was first man and second overall on the stage.

Superman & Sister Nolene of OLSGBOCSO in 2004. In 2005 the raised over 2,700 for the John Bosco Children's Project.

West 4 in 2003 - Second Overall

Tony Hopkins (who took this photo, holds up their prize -- ???)

Jim Desmond finishes 4th (after his win on stage 1) captains Shandies an overall win in 2003.