Photos taken by Ray Cockle 2003

Getting ready for the Start at Hampton Court


The Start


Leg 1. John Barnard, West 4 Wombats, chases Phyllis Flynn, Stragglers Ladies, at Haliford-on-Thames

Peter Jackson, Dulwich Runners, Sarah Clark, West 4 Wombles, John Hughes, Ranelagh Moungrels and Kathryn Mallett, Ranelagh Lassies, at Runnymede


Rani Stewart, Stragglers Ladies, at Runnymede


Sarah Blenkinsop and Robin Waterfield, Stragglers, approach Boveney Lock, near the end of leg 2


Ian Edwards, Sunday Night Shandies and Stuart Anderson, West 4, lead at the start of leg 3


Hugh Jones, Ranelagh Old Dogs, leads Leg 5


Dylan Owen and Shaun Billings, Dulwich Runners finish Leg 5 at Chipperfield


Claire Steward, Dulwich Ladies & Anna McLaughlin, Ranelagh Lassies, chat at Wildhill Road on Leg 7

Andy Bickerstaff, Ranelagh Old Dogs, chases Brian Wiles, Stragglers Vets, uphill to the end of Leg 7 at Little Berkhamsted


Burkhard Fehsenfeld, West 4 chased by Brooke Bone, Silver Fern Harriers, and five others to Little Berkhamsted



The start of leg 9, from Enfield Island Village


Howard Jardine, of Grange Farm Trotters, at Theydon Green on leg 9


Sue Cockle & John Sawyer of Stragglers on leg 9


Dan Gordon, Wissahickon Wanderers, & Christine Glue, Stragglers Ladies, approaching the end of leg 11 in Thorndon Park



Clare Wyngard, Dulwich Ladies, in Thorndon Park


Tim Wood, Stragglers and Caroline Brown, Grange Farm Trotters, enjoy a well earned drink after leg 11


Runners relax before the start of leg 12


Sue Waters, supervised by Colin Penn, goes through the pre race briefing for leg 12


Checking the results so far


Mark Daly, Stragglers Vets, questions results master, Nigel Collins

Zoe Gulliver, Serpentine Ladies & Nick Slade, Serpentine Hill Sprinters, along the Pilgrims Way on leg 14



Hilary Davis, Stragglers Ladies on leg 14


Ian Edwards, Sunday Night Shandies, leads Marcus Sherwood, West 4 Wombats over Ranemore Common, on leg 17.


Sandra Blenkinsop, Stragglers Ladies & Paul Fromme, Serpies - Snake Rattle & Raul



Sue Cockle, Jim & Merren Sell at Pyrford Lock, end of leg 18


Brooke Bone, Silver Fern Harriers approaches Walton Bridge at the end of leg 19


Chased by Dave Mitchell of Millenium Group


Nick Brown, Stragglers, and friends on the Thames at West Molesey


Sonia Rowland, Ranelagh Lassies pushes onto the finish, while Rani Steward, Stragglers Lassies, stops for a drink.


At last, the Finish at Ham - Steve Baggery, Millenium Group


Yvonne Rice-Oxley, West 4 Wombles


Celia Dupland, Dulwich Ladies


Pat Tiernan, 26.2 Runners


Sunday Night Shandies - Overall Winners


Serpentine Ladies - First Ladies Team


Ranelagh Bloodhounds and the much prized Toilet Seat