Photos by Tony Hopkins 2003

Keith Howarth and Colin Penn prepare to start the Relay


Maps at the ready


Jim Desmond, Sunday Night Shandies, wins leg 1


Chris Phelan, Stragglers, 2nd, gets his shopping from Thomas


John Barnard, West 4 Wombats, 3rd


The start of leg 2 from Staines


Mark Critchlow, West 4 Wombats, is first to Boveney on leg 2


Declan Flynn, Stragglers Vets, in second place on leg 2


Start of leg 3 from Boveney


Gary Woolgar, Brighton & Hove AC takes leg 3 at Little Marlow


Ian Edwards, Sunday Night Shandies, a close 2nd. Do you think he gave it everything?


Rhion Loudon, West 4 Wombles, beats Claire Wyngard, Dulwich Ladies, to the line at Little Marlow


You'll do what you're told. Won't he Sue?


Colin Penn gets them ready for the start of leg 5


And they're off. I fancy either of the girls on the left to take this leg


Emma Long & Keith look happy about something


Start of leg 6 from Chipperfield


Jonny Powell, Sunday Night Shandies, is first to St Albans


Paul Fromme, Serpies - Snake Rattle & Raul


Pete Brown, West 4 Wombats


Martin Wood, Sunday Night Shandies, and Simon Loach, Dulwich Runners, lead from St Albans


Early Sunday Morning

The start of day 2, from Blackmore


Mike Peters, Sunday Night Shandies, is second on leg 14 to Tatsfield. And believe me, that was tough.


Keith checks the time. Where's Colin Penn? He's late


Colin Penn, Stragglers, Chas Rayner, Jon-Scott Francis (both West 4), and Malcolm Bailey (Thrift Green Trotters), in Tatsfield at the start of leg 15


Jon-Scott Francis, West 4 Wombats


Chas Rayner, West 4 Wombles, leads Colin Penn, Stragglers to the finish at Merstham


Relaxing at Merstham, at the start of leg 16


And they're off


Ready Steady Go. The start of 18 at West Hanger, on the North Downs


Tom Ulliot, Brighton & Hove City AC is second to Pyrford Lock


Dave Griffiths, West 4 Wombats, is third


Mark Daly, Stragglers Vets


Stephen Watkins, 26.2 Runners


Heidi Taylor, West 4 Wombats


Mark Critchlow, leads the relay to the finish at Ham


Jim Desmond takes 4th place, to give his team, Sunday Night Shandies, the overall prize


Stephen Badgery, Millenium Group


West 4 Harriers. Tony Hopkins (who took these photos, holds up their prize -- ???)