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Accessibility Disclaimer - Please Read

The details on this website for accessibility to the London Green Belt Way have been put together by research using the Internet, using the knowledge gained from organising the Green Belt Relay over 18 years and through the development of the this new long distance path.

There are many links and references to external websites and these have been chosen in good faith for the information they provide. I do not have any control over the content of these sites, and wish to hear if any contain information which may not be helpful to Disabled People or what I am trying to achieve here.

I advise you to fully study any outing you intend to make and plan properly for any circumstance. Be sure you know what you are letting yourself in for. Study the weather conditions - this should help you to wear the appropriate clothing, take supplies and give you an indication of what the ground conditions are likely to be.

Go as a group, and not on your own. Have support, such as able bodied people to help you out of any problems, plus vehicle backup to recover stranded people or equipment. You are responsible for yourself and the people you take along with you, so please do not take anything for granted and plan well.

The links to Disabled Ramblers and to the Countryside Code at Natural England provide more information on health & safety and on preparation. Please also read these beforehand.

In saying everything above, my main aim is for you to stay safe, but to also enjoy the countryside around London's green belt.

By proceeding to the accessibility information provided, you acknowledge you have read the information above.

Sean Davis

Founder, Green Belt Relay

Founder, London Green Belt Way

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